Frequently asked questions

Do all patients require an Air Ambulance transport?

No. It is completely dependent on the medical requirements of the patient, the logistical challenges and infrastructure available. If you are not sure, ask our Air Rescue Desk and doctors who will advise you on the options available to assist you.


Is an Air Ambulance covered by my medical insurance?

Medical insurers usually pay for Air Ambulance expenses if they are covered in terms of the insurance benefits. Air Ambulance expenses are usually covered if, medically speaking, it is the most appropriate mode of transport and to the nearest centre capable of providing appropriate care. 


If I must pay, how much will an Air Ambulance cost?

Cost is determined primarily by the Air Ambulance flight distance, the type of Air Ambulance used and the medical needs of the patient in flight. For example, helicopter flights are often more expensive than fixed wing aircraft over similar distances, particularly when the distance exceeds 300km. We will provide cost of request based on your location and needs.


How do I pay?

Payment can be made either by credit card or bank transfer (confirmation of the transfer will be required) or as arranged by your insurance or assistance company. 


How many family members may accompany the patient? What are the charges?

Depending on the patient's condition and Air Ambulance aircraft selected, one family member may accompany the patient, provided it is also approved by immigration authorities in the relevant country prior to the departure. There is no additional charge. Family members or passengers will be accepted entirely at the discretion of our Medical Director, but we will try to accommodate as best we can.


How much luggage can I bring and what about wheelchairs?

Luggage must be limited to one business class suitcase or bag per person. Please check with the Air Rescue desk for more specific instructions. We can transport wheelchairs if they are collapsible, so that they can be stowed safely in the aircraft.


Is there any notice period and what is the launch time in an emergency?

No notice time is required however; our ability to deliver the service in elective (non-emergency) cases is subject to aircraft availability and clearance times. Preparation and launch time of our Air Ambulances averages two-to-three hours following overflight and landing permissions being secured from the relevant authorities.


Is ground ambulance transportation included in the service? 

Yes, we can provide a bedside-to-bedside service if requested to do so, subject to suitable ground ambulances being available. 


Can you fly to unlit airstrips at night?

For safety reasons we do not fly to airstrips or runways at night that do not have night landing facilities or are not approved for night landing. We will however look at all the options available to medically assist or provide alternative transport options if possible.


Can Air Rescue arrange a commercial escort if an Air Ambulance is not medically required?

We will advise you if this is an option and can arrange a medical escort if required.


Are all Air Ambulance providers the same in terms of quality?

Service quality will depend on the aircraft, equipment and medical staff options available. If you are comparing several options, consider very carefully the aircraft type offered and the flying time to the destination as well as the patient’s requirements and level of qualification of the medical staff offered.

Unfortunately, quality air ambulance providers tend to be more expensive but far more reliable and safer options. Providers should have trained medical staff available 24/7 to assist with your decision.