COVID 19 Information


Since the very beginning of the COVID-19 global pandemic, Air Rescue has facilitated the highly complex Air Ambulance movement of multiple patients with COVID-19 illnesses as well as safely evacuating and repatriating individuals with non-COVID-19 related illness or injury. In the first half of 2021 alone, we performed 89 air ambulance missions for COVID-19 patients.


Despite travel restriction, we are able to respond rapidly to the growing needs of our clients. With 20 years of experience transporting patients with infectious disease across continents and internationally - from SARS in Asia to Ebola in Africa and now COVID 19 as well as other highly contagious pathogens - we have developed extensive experience in the development and use of portable isolation requirements for patients, where necessary, in the air medical environment.


Given the above, the Air Rescue team has both the medical and technical capability to undertake Air Ambulance medical evacuations of patients with COVID-19 infection be they mild, moderate or severely ill. We undertake the entire transfer with expert medical oversight and clinical governance to ensure safe and appropriate medical transfer to the receiving care location. Air Rescue has developed unique guidelines for the movement of COVID-19 affected patients, and their family members, linked to the specific Air Ambulance aircraft we use.


We have established entry guidelines with governments and authorities to allow safe entry into countries accepting COVID 19 patients thereby allowing us to quickly and efficiently move patients to appropriate care locations.


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