The World’s Leading Provider of Air Ambulance Services

Air Rescue Group is the world’s leading provider of Air Ambulance services and offers a comprehensive bed-to-bed service including hospital admission and ground ambulance arrangements.


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Your Intensive Care Unit in the Sky

Dedicated ambulance aircraft equipped with state-of-the-art medical equipment

Best-in-class Aeromedical Transportation across Africa, Asia Pacific, CIS & Middle East

Our permanently configured Air Ambulance aircrafts are equipped to the best international standards and are always staffed with Air Ambulance flight trained doctors and intensive care nurses or advanced life support paramedics who are trained in aviation and emergency medicine.

Air Rescue Group Coverage Map 

The Most Advanced Intensive Care Equipped Air Ambulances

Because the speed of response could make the difference between life and death, the Air Rescue Air Ambulance fleet function as ICUs in the sky, able to fly at speeds of more than 800km per hour and covering up to 4,400km non-stop. 


CALL NOW: +971 4 253 6006


The Trusted Air Ambulance to Get you Home